Commitment to Technology Investment

All of healthcare is technology driven. Every specialty depends on high-tech equipment. And rehabilitation is particularly technology-driven.

Our specialized inpatient rehabilitation programs are enhanced with our investment in the most innovative and advanced technology for rehabilitative services.

The technologies we offer help to improve our patients’ functional independence measure, which ultimately leads to getting our patients back home quickly.

Additional technologies

  • Assistive Technology Lab
  • DynaVision
  • LSVT Loud – The most effective way to improve speech is through speech therapy. This includes using LSVT Loud, also developed by LSVT Global, Inc., proven to be effective with 15 years of research by the National Institute of Health.
    Documented Improvements with LSVT Loud Therapy:
    • Improved vocal loudness
    • Improved speech intelligibility
    • Improved swallowing ability
    • Increased facial expression
    • Increased confidence
    • Positive impact on neural functioning (PET)
  • LSVT BIG – This program is an intensive physical and occupational therapy exercise program targeting whole-body functional movements. LSVT BIG helps patients learn how to avoid inactivity and keep movements alive from day to day. It adheres to the principles of practice in exercise, promoting strength and motor learning. Through consistent training with our LSVT BIG certified physical or occupational therapist, patients can experience the following improvements:
    • Faster walking with bigger steps
    • Better balance
    • Increased torso rotation
    • Improved confidence
    • Restored hope

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For more information regarding the technologies we offer, contact our therapy operations department at 304 285-1030.

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